Carmen Villain Drops New Single “A Year Ago”

Carmen Villain Drops New Single “A Year Ago"
Carmen Villain Drops New Single “A Year Ago"

Carmen Villain is the project of US-born, Norwegian-Mexican artist and producer Carmen Hillestad – presents two new singles, “A Year Ago” / “Carmen Villain (Actress Remix),” out digitally today and later in the autumn as a limited edition whitelabel 12”. Villain’s double single is the second in a whitelabel 12” series of album remixes, following the smoke-stained dub techno of “Subtle Bodies” / “Huerco S. Remix.” Today’s double single contains the brand new track, “A Year Ago,” a beautifully foggy track in which Carmen dives further into her atmospheric dub explorations, and an Actress remix of Villain’s 2021 LP. Villain, a longtime admirer of Actress’ work, sent Actress stems for the whole album, inviting him to choose what he wanted to remix. The resulting “Carmen Villain (Actress Remix)” is what Actress terms as his “impression of the album,” a remix that features elements from various different tracks.

Of the accompanying new single, “A Year Ago,” Villain says: “This track is a kind of memory loop. A collection of sounds that were originally meant as something else, transformed by either granular synthesis or by accident. By coming together they complete each other in a better way than the original material could. There is a sample in there that happened quite a few years ago while recording a song with guitar and voice – a digital corruption created this glitchy and dubby little piece – I’ve wanted to use it for a while and finally found a home for it here.”

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