Lost Girls Announce Selvutsletter LP

Lost Girls (Jenny Hval & Håvard Volden) Announce New Album, Selvutsletter, Out October 20th on Smalltown Supersound
Lost Girls Photo Credit: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

Lost Girls, is the duo comprised of Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden. Today they have announce their new album, Selvutsletter, will drop on October 20th on Smalltown Supersound, and present the new single, “With the Other Hand.” Selvutsletter marks the first new Lost Girls album since their debut 2021 album, Menneskekollektivet.

Where Menneskekollektivet was about exploring club beats and expanding and trying out structures, Selvutsletter is about disappearing in experiences. It combines the intuitive, late night feel of Lost Girls’ previous work with experimental rock music as its object. Like its predecessor, the album title is a made up Norwegian word, a word that almost exists. The band’s own translation of Selvutsletter is “self-effacer: Someone who tries to erase themselves. Someone who is cleaning out themselves. Performing exorcism. Or perhaps just getting older, less interested in their own present self.”

The duo’s new single “With the Other Hand” is guided by Hval’s unique vocals, with Volden’s melodic guitar. Inspired by Leonard Cohen, “With the Other Hand” began with a guitar line written by Volden that was passed along to Hval who began rearranging the chords beyond recognition. “The result was a structure of verse and chorus, a pop song whispering about someone’s mysterious journey through a street, a building, and a stage,” the band says. “The chorus goes like this: ‘With the other hand I open rooms / With the first one I write,’ describing two parts of something – a creative process, or two parts of the unconscious. Or perhaps the two hands describe Lost Girls themselves. One opens rooms, the other writes.”

Lost Girls’ collaboration dates back more than a decade, with Volden playing regularly in Hval’s live band, as well as the duo’s acoustic collaborative album from 2012 (under the moniker Nude on Sand). In 2022, the duo were booked to perform a concert at Les Subsistances in Lyon, and they decided to use the opportunity to create all new material.

Lost Girls
Smalltown Supersound

1. Timed Intervals
2. With the Other Hand
3. Ruins
4. Re-entering The City
5. World on Fire
6. Jeg Slutter Meg Selv
7. June 1996
8. Sea White

Lost Girls Tour Dates

Tue. Sep. 26 – Brooklyn, NY @ National Sawdust
Sun. Nov. 5 – Paris, FR @ Petit Bain *
Tue. Nov. 7 – London, UK @ Corsica Studios
Sat. Nov. 11 – Berlin, DE @ Silent Green

* with Decisive Pink

Pre-order Selvutsletter by Lost Girls HERE


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