George Riley Announces New EP ‘Un/limited Love’

George Riley announces new Un/limited Love EP to release November 10th on Ninja Tune
George Riley releases new single "Elixir" to announce new Un/limited Love EP. Photo by Nick Hadfield

Today with brand new single “Elixir,” George Riley announces that she has signed to legendary electronic label Ninja Tune for a new EP titled Un/limited Love (due for release on November 10th). Produced by Nick Sylvester (Channel Tres/Yaeji), “Elixir” places Riley as a new age house diva, exploring the reviving properties of new love in her own soulful yet playful tone. Set to a bed of throbbing, old-school house inspired production, softly-set keys and gradually emerging synths, “Elixir” represents Riley’s prowess over sunkissed, gently shimmering instrumentation; a sharp left turn from her previous project, Running In Waves. If that release was Riley at her most introspective, “Elixir” is the sound of Riley celebrating the giddiness of love and life at its most bright and beautiful.

Un/limited Love is the product of the most international period of creativity in George Riley’s career. Splitting the project’s creation between Nick Sylvester (“Elixir”) and Hudson Mohawke (“S.E.X.”) in LA, John FM (“Skin”/”Satisfy You”/”Star”) in Detroit, and Actress, who provided production to “Star” in London as well as “Lust” with Loraine James, the melting pot of surroundings and influences that have come with the project’s collaborators have had an effect on Riley, who has previously chosen to work with one sole collaborator on each project. The result is a widely varied, but gorgeously cohesive body of work that pays true homage to various styles of electronic music while interweaving George’s own artistic journey and transformation into one of the most exciting, genre-blurring voices emerging today.

Un/limited Love Tracklist
1. Lust
2. Skin
3. Elixir
4. Star
5. S e x (feat. Hudson Mohawke)
6. Satisfy You

Pre-order Un/limited Love HERE


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