Carmen Villain Announces Only Love From Now On

Carmen Villain Announces new full-length 'Only Love From Now On.' The the US-born, Norwegian-Mexican artist's album will drop on 2/25/22
Carmen Villain photo by Signe Luksengaard

Carmen Villain, has announced her new full-length album, Only Love From Now On, will drop on February 25th, 2022 via Smalltown Supersound. Today, the US-born, Norwegian-Mexican artist and producer has shared lead single “Gestures,” featuring ECM artist and Supersilent member, Arve Henriksen, on trumpet. The album follos Affection In A Time Of Crisis (2020, Longform Editions) and Sketch For Winter IX: Perlita (2021, Geographic North).

Villain, has collaborated with Jenny Hval and Parris – appearing on the latter’s new debut album – and Biosphere, DJ Python and others have contributed remixes for her. Hillestad describes Only Love From Now On as “wishing to maintain a sense of careful optimism for the future, while on the cusp of something unknown.”

“Only Love From Now On is fueled by the sense of scale in feeling small in the face of things so large, the contemplation of how the biggest impact we can have is in the people close to us, the attempt to make sure that impact is a positive one, and the choice to try to focus on love instead of fear. If all of that reveals a quietly resistant political strain in her work, this is also emphasized in the visual artists she references with track titles. “Gestures” refers to Hannah Wilke’s video piece of the same name, questioning the female body as objects of the male gaze.”

Carmen Villain
Only Love From Now On

01. Gestures with Arve Henriksen
02. Future Memory
03. Liminal Space
04. Only Love From Now On with Johanna Scheie Orellana
05. Subtle Bodies
06. Silueta
07. Portals

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