Doggerel by Pixies album review by Lauren Rosier for Northern Transmissions




It’s been 18 years since the Pixies reunited, and now, they’re back with a new album, Doggerel, out September 30th on BMG. The 80s rock band from Boston, MA, offers all new songs on this record. Despite the band's lineup changing over the years, this record is another excellent delivery in the Pixies' pop-punk discography.

Currently, the band's lineup consists of Black Francis (lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar), Joey Santiago (lead guitar, backing vocals), Dave Lovering (drums, percussion, backing vocals), and Paz Lenchantin (bass, violin, lead and backing vocals).

The album opens with the track, "Nomatterday," a rock 'n roll master, featuring excellent, tight instrumentation with stop-and-go lyricism. Vocalist Black Francis delivers the lyrics perfectly rhythmically, as he sings, "don't waste your time on me…/…don’t waste my time on you.." singing about not wasting his time on a soon-to-be ex-lover. The track has ultimate pop-punk vibes.

“Vault of Heaven” is a tight, epic track, with very sold instrumentation that features a great guitar hook paired with a great funk arrangement. It features great storytelling. Songs like “Dregs of The Wine,” features Francis’ unique vocals and lyricism as he sings, “are we gonna make it? Are we gonna face this?”

If you listen to tracks like “Haunted House” and “Get Simulated,” they have a Weezer-esque vibe. “Get Simulated” has a definite electronic feel to the track with a Rivers-Cuomo influence. In 2019, the band spent a lot of time on the road with Weezer, so the influence is there. “The Lord Has Come Back Today” and “Thunder and Lightning” are two pleasant, upbeat tracks from the Pixies, which seems odd to say about the band’s music. These are two of the most pleasant tracks on the record. Some of the tracks on the record remind me of some of the songs on The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

“Who’s More Sorry Now” is an interesting track that features a line that might be an ending line for Doggerel: “Don’t split your sales over me / ‘Cause it just don’t matter.” Maybe it simply doesn’t matter to them anymore and they’ve gotten to a point that making music is what it’s about.

Doggerel is different than that of the Pixies’ previous music catalog; however, maybe it’s time to let them evolve.

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