Penelope Trappes Shares Short For Blood Moon

Penelope Trappes has shared a new single & accompanying short film directed by Agnes Haus, "Blood Moon,” off her album Penelope Three
Penelope Trappes "Blind Moon" Video

Penelope Trappes has shared a new single & accompanying short film directed by Agnes Haus, “Blood Moon,” from her forthcoming release Penelope Three. The full-length drops on May 28th on via Houndstooth, and Follows singles “Fur & Feather” and “Nervous,” “Blood Moon” is atmospheric and dreamlike; a song about repurposing the fear within.

“I’m digging up the underworld with visual motifs, and a mystical, gothic darkness that symbolises my struggles” she says of Penelope Three. “Yet the universal message is that of overcoming our fears to allow the love in. This is the healing.”

On ‘Penelope Three’, Trappes wears her breadth of life experiences with pride; pain, joy, love, loss, and the freedom in accepting change and acknowledging lessons learnt. It is a celebration of womanhood and a testament to the wisdom acquired through living and allowing oneself to live.

“I consider the moon a temple, a mirror of our emotions,” elaborates Trappes. “The blood moon symbolically represents the beginning, the ending and a clean slate. ‘Blood Moon’ is about being uncompromisingly true to oneself despite societal expectations. Everyone should be free to express femininity in their own individual way. The burdens and expectations instilled in us at childhood weigh us down and hold us back. This song is about never giving in to this pressure and dismantling a system of oppression that is carried within our bodies. A metamorphosis.”

Commenting on the accompanying visual, she adds: “The short film ’Blood Moon’ is a modern take on the goddess Isis if she were around to face today’s world. Isis is the protector of women and children and the healer of the sick – but despite her powers, she would still be weighed down by societal expectations of what is expected of women.”

Penelope Trappes
Penelope Three
track list:

1. Veil
2. Nervous – Official video
3. Forest
4. Fur & Feather – Official video
5. Red Yellow
6. Halfway Point
7. Blood Moon – Official video
8. Lucky Eleven
9. Northern Light
10. Awkward Matriarch

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