Penelope Trappes Releases “Fur & Feather”

Penelope Trappes shares the new single/video, “Fur & Feather,”
Penelope Trappes “Fur & Feather"

Penelope Trappes has released a new video “Fur & Feather.” The track is lifted off her forthcoming release Penelope Three, available May 28th via Houndstooth. The video, self-directed again in collaboration with art collective Agnes Haus, visualizes the track’s surreal tone as Trappes’ movements are slowed down, mimicking her vocals as they inch above serene piano and reverberated guitar. Trappes elaborates on the track: “I wrote ‘Fur & Feather’ after becoming inspired by the Celtic mythological tale of The Selkie, which is about ‘homing’ – returning to a sense of Self. I found this treasure within the well-known book Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr.Clarissa Pinkes Estés. In preparation for the inevitable day that my sole daughter would leave home after 18 years, I carried a great sense of bittersweet loss in my heart. The Selkie reminded me of how I always knew the time would come when I’d be physically and emotionally alone and because of this I have always kept my own identity intact.”

Where Penelope One explored aspects of birth and rebirth and the power of the female body, and Penelope Two was centered around the acknowledgement of grief and how we carry our own stories of loss, Penelope Three is about healing the stories held in her body by surrendering to universal love. In it, Penelope explores her metamorphosis through tales of motherhood, the divine feminine, healing powers and their spiritual connections through vocal loops, piano and guitar drenched in reverb, all underpinned by subterranean drones. She looks not just to release herself from fear and the grieving process in Penelope Two, but also of societal anxieties, embracing the generational shift that is happening as her daughter grows up, her mother gets older and how she sees the world drastically changing.

Pre-order Penelope Three by Penelope Trappes via Houndstooth HERE


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