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Peach Pit members Chris Vanderkooy and Neil Smith chatted with Records In My Life via Zoom, just a couple of days before their John Congleton (St Vincent, The War On Drugs, Modest Mouse) produced full-length You And Your Friends came out. The guys talked about the inspiration behind album tracks “Brian’s Movie” and “Thursday,” some great stories. The guys are sitting patiently and waiting to hit the road, to tour behind the album, with most shows already sold out. If all things work out Peach Pit will play their next show on July 11th, in Vancouver, BC.

Songs, Artists, Bands, and Albums referenced by Peach Pit

Peach Pit – You And Your Friends
Peach Pit – “Bryan’s Movie”
Peach Pit – “Thursday”
The Districts – Popular Manipulations
Babe Corner – Killer
Sun Seeker
Dr. Hook “Sharing The Night Together”
Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Braids “Young Buck”
Barenaked Ladies – Gordon
The Beatles – Revolver
George Harrison
Bernard Purdy
Paul McCartney
Mac DeMarco – 2

Shot, Directed, and Edited by Mark Henning
Hosted and Produced by Charles Brownstein

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