PC Music’s Life Sim Releases New Song & Video

PC Music's Life Sim Releases New Song & Video for their track "IDL", the song is available for streaming or download

Life Sim is an international community of DJs, joining forces to redesign life itself. Today, Life Sim have shared a new song, “IDL”, via an innovative movie clip-filled video directed by Daniel Swan. Available now via PC Music, the track “IDL.” Watch/Hear Life Sim’s “IDL” below.

Director Daniel Swan notes, “drifting towards earth and through the blockbuster emotions threaded through it, the video for ‘IDL’ is made up of single clips from a rainbow of random post-y2k motion pictures.”

A remix by PC Music’s Thy Slaughter is also streaming now and available for download. Listen on soundcloud here.

Life Sim “IDL” Tracklist (PC002)
1. Life Sim – IDL
2. Life Sim – IDL (Thy Slaughter Remix)