Hyd Announces Self-titled Album

Hyd, has announced her debut her self-titled EP, will drop on November 5th via PC Music
Hyd announces debut self-titled album

Hyd, has announced her debut her self-titled EP, will drop on November 5th via PC Music. The four-track EP was Written on an island formed from underground volcanic eruptions 15 million years ago, the EP was produced by A.G. Cook, Caroline Polachek & umru. The announcement is accompanied by the ethereal single “No Shadow.”

“No Shadow” was written after Hyd temporarily lost her eyesight. It provides a glimpse into the EP’s larger exploration into what it means to move between forms, inheriting one shape while transforming into another, and creating queer ecosystems of care. She says, “When I lost my vision in 2017, I started being able to see differently. In total darkness you realize you are beyond your body.”

“No Shadow” follows Hyd’s career as a sculptor and conceptual artist. she has dedicated her practice to reinventing systems – systems of communicating, systems of sexuality, systems of interacting with our environments. Her large-scale sculptural practice, where she creates fluid, transformative art installations, has been exhibited in museums and galleries across America, Asia and Europe. Past works include GEL, a vapor that traveled through the air vents of Andrea Rosen Gallery in NYC, and 7 Sisters, a seven-act performance at MoMA PS1 that incorporated dance, music, poetry, video and scents, with additional exhibitions and performances at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, etc. Apart from appearances on A. G. Cook‘s recent Apple LP, “No Shadow” marks the first time we’ve seen Hayden step out musically since Hey QT, the enigmatic and controversial project she created in collaboration with A. G. Cook and SOPHIE.

The EP cover and singles’ artworks were photographed by Torbjørn Rødland, whose images are saturated with symbolism, lyricism and eroticism. The graphic design identity is by Bureau Borsche, known for their work with clients including Balenciaga, Supreme and The Face, among others. Creative direction by Hyd and Jordan Richman.


1. No Shadow
2. Skin 2 Skin
3. The One
4. The Look On Your Face