Paul Bergmann streams single “Los Angeles

LA singer/songwriter Paul Bergmann is streaming his single "Los Angeles", the song comes off his EP Romantic Thoughts'

LA singer/songwriter Paul Bergmann is streaming his latest single “Los Angeles”, from his current EP Romantic Thoughts, which you can listen to below. Bergmann’s sound has been compared to Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. The title-tack features Nick Waterhouse’s co-production and Kevin Augunas on the lead single, other songs “You May Never Know” and Wishing Song” which features a duet with Warpaint’s Emily Kokal.

Paul Bergmann, a Los Angeles-based folk craftsman grew up in small-town seclusion, nestled in the rolling uplands of Western Massachusetts. Isolated from an active youth music scene, his sonic roots descended from his parent’s canon of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and Gordon Lightfoot. Recognized early on for his vocal potential,Bergmann’s childhood was often spent shuffled between voice lessons, choirs, musicals, and operas, polishing his vocal chords to have the sheen of facile, glassy, grace still audible today. Bergmann enjoyed singing, but consistently tired of channeling it into such formal products.

Bergmann, records with Fairfax Recordings. Abiding by Bob Dylan’s folk philosophy of placing the integrity of the song before all else, Bergmann has been spending more time on the writing process than ever before. In his current creative efforts, he’ll tell you that he strives for honesty but not overexposure, vulnerability but not weakness, straightforwardness but not simplicity.He takes inspiration from the natural side of Los Angeles: the beach, the woods, and the outdoors – as well as a near constant stream of Neil Young’s On the Beach.

His last 7” (“Old Dream” b/w “Summer’s End”) was recorded in Fairfax’s “Studio A,” – the very same room where Neil Young himself tracked After the Gold Rush when the studio was known as Sound City. Produced by Kevin Augunas and Nick Waterhouse and featuring Jimmie Haskell on strings, the tracks were released in May and Romantic Thoughts was released on October 2. The five song EP is a dynamic body of sound in which each song showcases different sides of Bergmann’s personas.