No Age Release Video For “Feeler”

No Age release new video for "Feeler"
No Age "Feeler"

No Age are back with “Feeler”, the latest offering from Randy Randall & Dean Allen Spunt. The track is built around a primal snare-kick pattern and rippling waves of Tremelo emanating from a newly repaired Silvertone amp once purchased from a Sears catalog in the 1960’s – plus a sense of ennui that you just can’t put your finger on. That restless yearning translates seamlessly through Kersti Jan Werdal’s accompanying music video. “Feeler” emits a warm, youthful glow reminiscent of images from yesteryear with the melancholic feelings about the coming of age. The duo’s Goons Be Gone! is now available via Drag City.

Director Kersti Jan Werdal notes:

“For FEELER, I wanted to make something that felt honest to the experience of being an adolescent just before entering adulthood. The video is a series of memories stemming from themes of connection, disappointment, discovery, and the search for one’s true self. Animals are continually referenced, because I can’t forget the untethered and wild way it was to be a teenager. ”


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