Nero Kane streams ‘Love In A Dying World’

Nero Kane is streaming his new Joe Cardamone-produce album 'Love In A Dying World.' The LP is now streaming on exclusively with Northern Transmissions
Nero Kane 'Love In A Dying World'

Nero Kane is the nickname of Marco Mezzadri, a songwriter and musician already known in the Italian underground scene. After the release of his rock-wave album Lust Soul under the name NERO in 2016, he is focusing on a new intimate, minimal and decadent path. Folk-rock-blues voice and guitar combine European roots with American desert sounds in a project full of dark and emotional visions. Today, the singer/songwriter is streaming his new album Love In A Dying World on Northern Transmissions.

Love In A Dying World is Nero Kane’s debut album, recorded and produced at Valley Recording Company in Los Angeles by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line/ Holy War), who collaborated with Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cult, The Stooges, Warren Ellis and many others. The album, released under American Primitive, an art collective founded by Cardamone, features ten tracks, arranged and played entirely by Kane and Cardamone. All lyrics were written by Kane.

Nero Kane
Love In A Dying World

01. Black Crows
02. Desert Soul
03. Living On The Edge Of The Night
04. I Put A Spell On You
05. Now The Day Is Over
06. Because I Knew Not When My Life Was Good
07. Dream Dream
08. Eleonor
09. So Sad
10. Love In A Dying World

Nero’s live show is presented with visual artist and performer Samantha Stella, who is also the director of the experimental film Love In A Dying World, a solitary journey of the protagonist, the musician Nero Kane, through dusty wide streets and abandoned places, deserts and ghost towns of the Californian hinterland, in search of Love. The film, inspired and based on Kane’s debut album, is currently on screening in museums and art galleries.

Kane’s guitar and vocals are melted by Stella’s keyboards and second vocals, surrounded by a kind of red David Lynch light. The collaboration between the two artists started in 2015 with the direction by Stella of three music videos (Tomorrow Never Comes, No Sense of Crime and Death in June) for Kane’s previous project, where they also were the protagonists. In 2016 they premiered in Milan and Los Angeles a performance called Hell23 inspired by ancient Greek-Roman world. Since 2016, they feature a blog of visions and poetry called Love Comes In Spurts. In 2017 the première in Los Angeles of their performance Love In A Dying World, first section of the actual artistic and musical project.


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