“My Lost Decade” by True Green

True Green, will release their debut album, My Lost Decade, on February 1, 2024 via Spacecase Records. The project of singer/songwriter Dan Hornsby, who is also a novelist, his latest, Sucker, came out on Anchor in July. The title track puts his storytelling skills on full display. John Goddard lays down expressive bass lines, and Tailer Ransom, of Owl’s Head Mountain, brings beautifully textured synths and mean guitar fills. Mixed and mastered by Matt Qualls at Easley McCain Recording, the warm, wobbly songs evoke some of the venerable bands who recorded there, especially Silver Jews and Guided By Voices.

Dan Hornsby on My Lost Decade:

When I was a teen, I was fascinated by the idea of Bob Dylan’s lost decade in the 80s and John Lennon’s Lost Weekend in the 70s. And now that I’m older, it’s pretty clear that many of us lose a few years here and there (I feel that way about my late 20s). The song’s narrator is trying to account for his ten-year debauched fugue and put his life back together, a little apology tour. I kind of taught myself to animate (crudely) with this video, and it was fun to find my way back into the song.

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