“Marching Orders” Museum Of Love

"Marching Orders" by Museum Of Love is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'
"Marching Orders" by Museum Of Love

Museum of Love is LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney and Jee Day’s Dennis McNany — have released their first new song since 2014. “Marching Orders,” the song is described as a dreamscape of percussive, heady house. The track is now available to stream.

Museum of Love on “Marching Orders”:

“Obviously a labor of love. We worked whenever we could for the past three years, 2 weeks on 6 months off, between Pat’s busy tour schedule with LCD and Dennis’ working on film scores and new Jee Day releases.

We had a bunch of unfinished material from the 1st record and were working on new material whenever we could. We worked in home studios; we built our our own recording studio in Dumbo to write and track new material; and, when we were kicked out of that, we snuck into DFA studios as the building was about to be gutted and finished an album’s worth of new material with all the limited time and resources we had. This single is the first product of all our efforts.

Picking up where the 1st record left off, this single hints at that new material: caravan songs, about moving and moving on. An exercise in slapping ourselves in the face, taking stock of this moment we’re in and then out of. To explore the elephantine sadness that plagues us as we find ourselves complicit in our own extinction. Why do we love? Who do we love? For what do we fight? When faced with displacement how do you keep moving, and whistling on your way?”

Longtime friends Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany started Museum of Love over a love of music and museums. They share a similar sensibility and a shared vocabulary for interpreting surroundings, with McNany writing most of the music, and Mahoney most of the words. Their debut album was released on DFA in 2014.


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