“Midnight In My Head” by Dinner (ft. Charlie Hilton)”

Dinner has announced a new album entitled Dream Work. The full-length is a collection of synth and guitar-laden indie pop that expertly channels Ryuichi Sakamoto, early British indie, and the sound of water. The Danish multi-instrumentalist Anders Rhedin will release Dream Work on October 22, 2021 via Captured Tracks . Dream Work features vocal contributions from Molly Burch and Charlie Hilton as well as Lina Tullgren and Nicolai Koch . The album’s announcement is accompanied by a video for lead single “Midnight In My Head (ft. Charlie Hilton)” directed by Anne Tse, featuring lip syncing and perfectly interpretive choreography from the video’s star, Carly Johnson .

Anders Rhedin shares: “It felt natural to have someone else play out what they felt this song was about. I know what my personal vision of this song is, so it seemed more interesting to see someone else’s vision; to see Anna and Carly’s. Also, I’ve done so many Dinner videos featuring me and / or my face; I thought it’d be nice with a bit of variation.”

Regarding the video, director Anne Tse has this to say: “Based off of the song’s dreamlike impression, it felt right to create an alternative world of movement to visualize Dinners music. Knowing Carly’s ability to translate artistic mediums into her own inspired us to use multiple locations, seamlessly connecting them through dance. It was a fun process to be trusted by Dinner, and to work with him and Carly to create this.”

Dream Work
Captured Tracks

Midnight In My Head (ft. Charlie Hilton)
How We Talk (ft. Nikolai Koch)
Big Empty Sky (ft. Lina Tullgren )
Like You Said (ft. Charlie Hilton)
Connection (ft. Molly Burch)
Spirit Voices
Grateful (Best Shit)
Born Again

Dinner’s influences are vast in scope – ranging from Egyptian mythology to Japanese ambient to the experience of impending fatherhood (he recently welcomed his first child) – Rhedin is relatively uninterested in putting too much weight on intentions. “What I like about ambient is that it’s utilitarian. It serves a purpose ….it’s not about ‘me’ as an auteur or about my life story. It’s about the listener’s experience. And we meet in that space somehow. We hang out in that space together.” More than any one sonic or lyrical element, this ethos is perhaps the most distinct marker between Dream Work and the previous Dinner catalog. Like a still reflection pool, we can only glimpse the depths by looking through ourselves.

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