Melkbelly Return With Two New Singles

Chicago band Melkbelly return with a brand new two-song single, "KMS Express" their first new music in three years
Melkbelly photo credit: Cooper Fox

Chicago band Melkbelly return with a brand new two-song single, “KMS Express,” their first new music in three years via Exploding In Sound Records (Pile). The songs were recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Liam Winters (bass) Miranda Winters (guitar/vox) Bart Winters (guitar) James Wetzel (drums).

“KMS Express” blasts open with James Wetzel’s explosive drumming and a noisy disdain. The song eventually comes to a sludgy halt before thrashing back in and settling into a deep groove. It’s so fun and so weird and perfect Melkbelly! The single’s b-side, “Precious Cargo” on the other hand is a hooky punk song with an immediate chorus and sing along immediacy. It’s sweet but complex, a song that coils into the magical brand of melodic dissonance.

According to James Wetzel (drums), “the songs were made directly in response to the void of live shows.” Lyrically, Miranda Winters (vocals/guitar) says “The songs are also about what tethers us to reality. Stuff like – the intense relationships between bandmates, having children, playing shows, love and a bunch of other visceral bullshit. Stuff lost during lockdown that we’re ready to figure out how to get back to now.”

Since 2013, Melkbelly have cloaked forward-thinking pop-songs with a shroud of disjointed rhythms, feedback, and noise. It’s a pretty great trick. While technically legal, this sleight of hand approach – think Kirby Van Burch – has left audiences across the US and Europe asking, “Should it be??” It’s why Microsoft’s Bard promises that “if you crave sonic intensity and unbridled passion, strap in for the Melkbelly experience.”

Melkbelly 2024 Tour Dates

05/11 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

w/ Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots, Tension Pets, & Godstar Megamax (Hosted by Maggie Winters and Parker Callahan)

Order “KMS Express” by Melkbelly HERE


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