“Double Mirror Light” Miranda Winters

"Double Mirror Light" Miranda Winters is BNorthern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Double Mirror Light" Miranda Winters

Miranda Winters (Melkbelly), recently released a new track titled “Double Mirror Light,” the a-side to an upcoming single, All-Purpose, due out October 2nd via Exploding In Sound Records (Knot, Pile, Water From Your Eyes). The song is about feeling blinded by joy upon giving birth to Winters’ first child. Recording in March just before the pandemic, Winters is joined on the a-side by Lala Lala‘s Lillie West on backing vocals and Joe Starita on strings.

Of the new single, Miranda Winters says its about “A moment of bliss and wonder, that shocks you with its magnitude may only happen once in your life. Plain and simple “Double Mirror Light” is about when my baby was first dropped onto my chest. This was a moment so stunning that it initially blinded me.”


Something broke but what a view
From underneath double mirror light

You have got me wondering
Have I ever really seen something?
Somebody spoke they said
Hi, how are you?
And, welcome to a harsh, heavy, hot life

You have got me wondering.
No I’ve never really seen anything.

What am I reminded of?
When I am presented with
All the awe I ever saw
All the awe there ever was
What am I reminded of?

Some say saw but so to you
From underneath double mirror light
You’ve got me thinking on all the awe I ever saw
It’s polar bear fur in Midwestern fall

OUT OCTOBER 2ND (7″ Single/Digital)

1. Double Mirror Light
2. Little Baby Dead Bird


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