Pile Release Hot Air Balloon EP

Pile Release Hot Air Balloon EP. The band's album is now available via Exploding In Sound and streaming services
Pile Release Hot Air Balloon EP

Pile begin 2024 with the release of their new EP, Hot Air Balloon. The album is out today via Exploding In Sound Records, and was recorded during the recording sessions of the band’s 2023 LP, All Fiction, and functions as a companion to that album.

The release of All Fiction felt like the start of a new chapter for Pile, leaning into the band’s keen sense of atmosphere and experimentation to create some of their most ambitious work to date. The album’s sessions were especially productive and luckily for the listener, these other recordings are set to see the light of day via the Hot Air Balloon EP. Pile’s Rick Maguire is on tour now, performing solo shows that span the band’s catalog.

Pile – the trio of Rick Maguire, Kris Kuss, and Alex Molini – found inspiration in the studio while working on All Fiction, working tirelessly to record, experiment, manipulate, mutate, and layer the songs with lush orchestration, haunting synths, and abstract textures. Challenging the confines of the standard “rock band,” they took inspiration from artists like Portishead and Aphex Twin, reigniting their passion as they explored their sound in a new realm. The sessions resulted in a flutter of productivity and before the band knew it they had completed well over a dozen songs, stretching far beyond the confines of a single LP’s runtime. After much deliberation, songs were pulled from the record, never a “trimming of the fat” but more of a consideration of which songs were able to stand best on their own.

Hot Air Balloon
Exploding In Sound Records

1. Scaling Walls
2. The Birds Attacked My Hot Air Balloon
3. Only For A Reminder
4. Exits Blocked
5. You Get To Decide

Pile 2024 Tour Dates

01/05/24 Chattanooga TN – Woodshop *
01/06/24 Asheville NC – Different Wrld *
01/07/24 Raleigh NC – Kings *
01/08/24 Washington DC – Pie Shop *
01/09/24 Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brendas *
01/10/24 New York NY – The Broadway *
01/11/24 Boston MA – Rockwell *

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