Marcus Paquin Releases Video For “Until It’s Gone”

Ahead of the release of his debut solo album Our Love. Producer/songwriter Marcus Paquin has shared the final single “Until It’s Gone"
Marcus Paquin has shared a new video for “Until It’s Gone"

Ahead of the release of his debut solo album Our Love. Producer/songwriter Marcus Paquin has shared the final single “Until It’s Gone,” the album drops on November 26th via Birthday Cake Records. Paquin is known for his production on albums by The National, Local Natives, The Weather Station, Julia and many more.

“Until It’s Gone” is accompanied with a video made by Paquin who says the piece illustrates “the varying states of our consciousness. As we weave our way through this complicated thing called life, we can oscillate between an illuminated state of awareness in which the senses are fully engaged and a state of darkness where it is difficult to decipher even what is right in front of us.“

“The catharsis that came of writing the songs on this album helped me process the pain of my separation from my partner of 18 years and recognize the beauty and the healing power of my own self-love,” says Paquin. ”En route to accepting my new path, I saw clearly that love is everywhere and that we need only extend an open hand to receive it and an open heart to give it. Our Love is an exploration of my relationship with love and an ode to love in its many forms.”

Our Love was written, arranged, played, produced and mixed by Marcus with drumming from friend and former bandmate Liam O’Neill (Suuns). It combines Marcus’ raw and intimate song writing with his veteran production chops, blending traditional indie rock sounds with lush layers of electronics and synths.

Since the first time Marcus heard the iconic Beatles record Abbey Road, his trajectory was defined – music was to be his lifelong obsession. From an early age, he spent countless hours lying next to his Fisher Price turntable, wearing out the grooves of his favorite records in his mother’s collection. Music connected with Marcus in a way that was visceral, raw and emotional. Through his adolescence rock posters, tour shirts, guitar straps and LP jackets were a staple in his bedroom. He fawned over Morrissey lyrics, Eddie solos, Bonham grooves and Michael’s moves and spent countless hours practicing guitar – learning songs, writing songs and playing in bands. It became his mission to decode the puzzle pieces that evoked such emotion.

Marcus dissected recorded music and poured over its component parts, trying to decipher how they had been played and recorded. At fifteen, he became adept at making professional sounding recordings with his Tascam 464 recorder. He enjoyed the creative aspects of multitrack recording and the way different microphones, tape types and speeds affected the sonic quality of his recorded compositions. Recording opened new avenues for his craft and creativity, so in his early twenties he enrolled in the Music Performance degree at McGill University in Montreal where he studied jazz guitar and then completed a Masters degree in sound recording. From 2009-2011 he signed to Last Gang records with his band Silver Starling as primary composer and lead singer.

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