Marcus Paquin Announces Our Love LP

Marcus Paquin Announces Our Love LP. The producer and multi-artist, releases his debut album on November 25, 2022 via Birthday Cake Records
Marcus Paquin Announces Our Love LP

Multi-artist Marcus Paquin is known for his work on albums by Arcade Fire, The National, Local Natives, The Weather Station, Julia Jacklin, Begonia, and Sarah Harmer. Today, Paquin has announced his first solo effort, an album entitled Our Love, available November 25, 2022 via Birthday Cake Records. The full-length dives into a difficult transition in his life – the separation from his partner of 18 years and finding self-love, new love and acceptance of his new path in life. To introduce the record, today, Marcus shares the record’s first single, “The Way Forward,” alongside an accompanying music video.

Speaking on the track, Marcus wrote:

“After years of personal struggle, I found myself considering whether staying on my chosen path was ultimately for the best. I questioned my understanding of unconditional love and sought to find a sense of self love that was missing in my life. This song speaks of that search and of my decision to let go, find compassion and regain a love of life and self.”

Our Love was written, arranged, played, produced, and mixed by Marcus with drumming from friend and former bandmate Liam O’Neill of the band Suuns. It combines Marcus’ raw and intimate songwriting with his veteran production chops, blending traditional indie rock sounds with lush layers of electronics and synths.

Speaking on his new LP, Marcus continued:

“Love is infinite.
The more we share, the more we receive.
Love is the common thread that weaves us all together.
It is selfless, it is fearless and it is kind.

Love is a luminescence in each of us. It is an energy and a strength that radiates and projects on the people and the world around us. That energy is amplified by the compassion and generosity of those we hold dear and by the mindful practice of gratitude, openness and forgiveness. The catharsis that came of writing the songs on this album helped me process the pain of my separation from my partner of 18 years and recognize the beauty and the healing power of my own self love. En route to accepting my new path, I saw clearly that love is everywhere and that we need only extend an open hand to receive it and an open heart to give it.

Our Love is an exploration of my relationship with love and an ode to love in its many forms.”

Purchase Our Love by Marcus Paquin HERE


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