“Mangos” by Milan Ring

"Mangos" by Milan Ring is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The the multi-artist track is now out via Astral People Recordings
"Mangos" by Milan Ring is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Milan Ring unveils her new single “Mangos” is a reminder that the sun is never far from reach, a perfect accoutrement as Summertime lands in the Southern Hemisphere. Out now via Astral People Recordings, the single Milan Ring’s first new solo music since the release of her 2021 debut LP I’m Feeling Hopeful, which featured collaborations with Che Lingo, Jean Deaux and more.

“Mangos” ushers in a playful and inquisitive new era for Milan. A homage to a Summer love affair, “Mangos” crackles with humidity and longing, feelings of desire wrapped around a cherubic, pitch-shifted vocal hook – “I want to see you”. Weightless and oozing hazy giddiness, “Mangos” is an amorous Eden, an idyll away from earthly realities that invites wide-eyed, euphoric immersion. With a mercurial composition recalling the languorous energy of Gabriel Garzón-Montano, the track also represents the first time we hear Milan weave the Guzheng, a Chinese harp, into her songwriting – a musical representation of her Chinese heritage.

Of the single, Milan shares that “‘Mangos’ started from an instrumental, drum less sample that 18YOMAN and I had created together. Then, when I was away on a little solo summer retreat in Australia, I produced the beat, added in the Guzheng, the guitars and the rest of the song unfolded very quickly.” Shot by Chris Chance, produced by Single Channel Films and edited by Jordan Kirk, the single’s evocative, elliptical video feels like a cut-and-paste collage of the summertime, shot on location in London whilst Milan was touring throughout Europe earlier this year, in her words, “[carrying] on with that away-from-home feeling.”

Musician, producer, engineer and music director, Milan has long been a figurehead in Australia’s R&B renaissance, having collaborated with the likes of Questlove, DRAM, Chance the Rapper’s group The Social Experiment, Sampa The Great and many more. Fiercely independent, the multi-talented artist continues to create and produce all her work on Gadigal Land in the Inner West of Eora/Sydney.

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