Little Steven Guests on ‘Records In My Life’

We had the opportunity to sit down and be educated on music by none other than the great Steve Van Zandt, aka Little Steven, when he and his band The Disciples of Soul performed in Vancouver on Monday. Little Steven gave us some of the background on the that he’s been supporting as well as the foundational music of the 60’s that has informed his playing and tastes for decades now. A wonderful man with countless stories, please have a viewing!

Little Steven on ‘Records In My Life’ references the following records:

Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul – Soulfire
The Beatles – Srgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles – Help!
The Beatles – For Sale
The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night
The Rolling Stones – 12×5
The Rolling Stones – 5×5
Original Score – West Side Story
Ramones – Subterranean Jungle
Ramones – Rock n Roll Highschool
Moby Grape
The Youngbloods
Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On
Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On
Marvin Gaye – I Want You
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly

If you’d care to check out some of the music discussed in this interview please check out the following playlist:


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