‘Little Blue Book’ by Fictonian

Fictonian has today premiered the new self-directed video for new single ‘Little Blue Book’, released on September 18th, 2015 on Distiller Records. The single precedes the release of Fictonian’s debut album Desire Lines, which will be released on November 13th.

Speaking on the video, Fictonian (aka Glen Roberts) said: “I worked on it with an amazingly talented friend of mine Luke Atkinson, his videography really captures the story in the right way. A friend’s daughter, Molly, plays the role of the girl out exploring, this was her first time on camera and she was beyond amazing, and absolutely perfect to play the star role! The story is basically all about the fact that the ‘seeker’ within us all is the side of us that finds the treasure.”

“Little Blue Book” follows on from the release of previous album tracks ‘Full Circle Influence’ and ‘Double Negative’, and more recently the single ‘Make it Be Ours’.

In recent months Fictonian has completed live dates with Nick Mulvey, which included a show at London’s Roundhouse, as well as his own London headline show at St Pancras Old Church on July 16. Further live dates are set to be announced very soon.

“Fictonian is a specific state of mind within me,” he says. “There are certain types of songs that only come from this mindset I call my “fictonian” state. It means a person who spends more time in their head than reality, which I think everyone can connect to at times. This project represents that side of me.”

It was when Fictonian escaped from the hustle of London life and found solitude in the lush pastures of rural Herefordshire that he first realised the particular qualities that came from this kind of creative isolation. “These aren’t songs that would have come if I’d sat down at a piano and decided to write a pop song, they come from a very specific place in my mind when I was in the countryside on my own for a long time drumming up musical ideas.”

Fictonian, is a project about humanity. Fictonian may have been born out of a solitary state, but this is not an album of despair of isolation, it is a rallying cry, a rousing call to action, a message of change. “It’s about giving yourself the self-belief to follow your dreams,” he says. “To find your real desires though, you need to be true to who you are.”


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