“Life Inside a Vacuum” by Routine Death

Routine Death began in 2015 when two musicians, one in Gothenburg Sweden and one in Austin Texas, started sending music to each other. The result is a full-length LP written in two bedrooms 7,000 miles apart, entitled ”Parallel Universes”. The band’s love for lo-fi soundscapes, atmospheric tones and distortion shines through, forming a solid foundation for the songs. The album is a concept-album sonically – but most of all, it’s a collection of songs with melancholic yet strong melodies. Fans of shoegaze, lo-fi pop and psychedelia will enjoy discovering Routine Death, and their debut album truly is a hidden gem. But not for long: ”Parallel Universes” is due out in the spring of 2018.

The first single from the album, “Life Inside a Vacuum”, is inspired by the feeling of being constantly on the move but never really going anywhere, like walking on a constantly shifting side walk. The driving, stuttering drum beat almost feels like it was designed to make your mind stumble a bit before the rhythm settles in your brain and your feet begins to tap the groove.