e are based in Toronto.
We are run by April Aliermo + Daniel Lee who are in some of the Daps bands,
and Ian Chai, who manages a lot of these bands.

Daps Records started because we wanted to put out our music and a bunch of our friends’ music.
We like DIY shows and when bands collab.
We also like when a whole bunch of artistic realms collide and explode magic.

We’re pretty busy with our current artists and releases
(especially since a lot of these projects are our own),
but we’re always happy to hear everyone’s music.
We’re also always really happy to collaborate with
other musicians, artists, party throwers and community builders.

Hooded fang share details of "Gravez"

Hooded Fang Album Details And Tour Dates

“We’ve been to the moon and back. There were really amazing times and really rough times… like any journey to the moon,” reveals bassist April Aliermo. “We ate crocodile balls, slept on floors and couches, watched TV and movies, and looked out the window in between. All this steady instability must have influenced Gravez.”

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