“Kodak & Codeine” Skott

“Kodak & Codeine" by Swedish singer/songwriter/musician Skott is Northern Transmissions 'Song of the Day.
“Kodak & Codeine" by Skott

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Skott returns with her own unique twist on a breakup anthem in the form of “Kodak & Codeine,” out today via Dollar Menu in partnership with Cosmos Music. “Kodak & Codeine,” is a song about the struggle to get out of a destructive relationship and the magnetic nostalgic force that keeps bringing you back together.

Speaking about the song, Skott reveals, “You meet someone that seems to understand you in a way that no one else does, and together you create this bubble – it’s almost like you have this parallel galaxy where only the two of you exist. But then you realize it’s actually a one-man kingdom, and you’re not the one with the power.”

On the significance of the Valentine’s Day release date, Skott shares “‘Kodak & Codeine’ is being released on Valentine’s Day, a day full of expectations and disappointments. According to statistics, February 14th is one of the most common days of the year for breakups.What should be equally important as celebrating and strengthening healthy love, is to break with the bad kind of love. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge, accept and get out of a toxic relationship. There’s confusion, guilt and chains of history to get past. Please choose loving yourself first and foremost this year’s Valentine’s Day, and every day.”

In the delicate process of writing and recording her forthcoming debut album, Skott searched for a way to release new music without having to compromise on her creative vision. When the opportunity presented itself, she ultimately decided to start her own record label, ‘Dollar Menu.’ Talking about this new chapter, Skott reveals, “It’s ok to show your teeth a little sometimes, and not worry too much about pleasing others or playing it safe, which I think many of us can find ourselves doing at times,” she continues.“I feel like starting my own label kind of runs in the same mindset.”


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