“Kill My Mind” The Blossom

The Blossom (a.k.a Lily Lizotte), has shared a new video for “Kill My Mind” off her forthcoming Buttercup EP. Lily just wrapped Future Classic’s studio residency program, spending a month collaborating with various artists and producers out of FC’s LA studio.

Directed and shot by Natalie Falt (behind videos for Grimes, Billie Eilish), the visual uses dance & movement as an expression of the varying phases of heartbreak (created by the collective Dance-Lawyer). Says Lily, “I wanted to explore the relationship I have with my ex-loved one’s bedrooms. The places and spaces that became dwellings for endless nights, mundane in-between days, tears, belly-aching laughs, lies, fights, and perpetual dreams. Collaborating and creating with all women on set for this video felt completely natural and right.”

Sydney-raised, Lily grew up grappling with her own sense of identity as both a daughter of a Southeast Asian immigrant trying to fit into a majority white Australian culture as well as coming out as queer. With both parents as artists, she found writing and singing about her struggles with anxiety, depression, and more, to be a cathartic release. Lily started putting out singles as Lila Gold.

The Blossom’s Buttercup EP, was mostly produced with her father, Australian musician Mark Lizotte. Speaking to their special connection, she says, “I’ve written and collaborated with many talented strangers and close friends, but I always gravitate towards my Dad. I think it is because, ultimately, he understands my pain more than anyone, he knows my truth so much it hurts.”