Kevin Drew Debuts “Fixing The Again” Video

Kevin Drew Debuts "Fixing The Again" Video. The track is off the artist's album Aging, now available via Arts & Crafts and DSPs
Kevin Drew Photo Credit: Richard Briant

Following the release of his album, Aging, Broken Social Scene’s co-founder and front man Kevin Drew has announced upcoming live dates in support of the record. The tickets go on sale this Friday December 1st, Drew will be playing select cities in Canada and across the U.S. in intimate shows alongside one other musician, his first solo shows in nine years.

In addition to the tour announcement, he releases the official music video for album track “Fixing The Again.” Comprised of footage partially shot and directed by Drew, the video intercuts flashing vignettes of everyday life with brief scenes made up of a variety of characters. The video is bittersweet and reflective, capturing the true essence of the human experience.

Aging’s sonic profile sits in a similar place as beloved Broken Social Scene songs like “Lover’s Spit,” “Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl,” and “The Sweetest Kill” – beautifully dark, richly melodic, and tinted with shades of melancholy and longing. Where other Kevin Drew songs throughout his vast and incredible catalog – both with BSS and as a solo artist – lean into the exuberant fist-pump of being alive, Aging is an album best played at the end of the night; a collection for the stragglers left when the bar is about to close; a serenade for those who are coming down; songs that are quietly sad but ultimately ruminative and comforting.

The record finds the typically declarative Drew asking more questions than ever; late-night ruminations make up the beating heart of Aging. Even the most hopeful songs on the album sound less like a diagnosis of the times than a distressed recognition – the voice of someone who has imparted advice to people for years accepting that they may not have listened. There are times when it’s hard to know whether Drew is singing these songs to someone else or to himself. So much of the record is expressed outwardly to an audience – but given the sadness and loss at the core of the album, it’s possible these songs have become mantras for himself.

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