Kevin Drew Shares “All Your Fails”

Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew has shared new single “All Your Fails”. A track off his new album Aging, out today via Arts & Crafts
Kevin Drew photo by Richard Briant

Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew has shared new single “All Your Fails”. A track off his new album Aging. The common ways we love and die sings Kevin Drew on the propulsive new single. A classic indie pop ballad driven by churning guitars and swirling synth lines, Drew’s breathless vocal performance perfectly conveys the sense of angst and urgency at the core of the song about possession.

Where other Kevin Drew songs throughout his vast and incredible catalog – both with BSS and as a solo artist – lean into the exuberant fist-pump of being alive, Aging is an album best played at the end of the night; a collection for the stragglers left when the bar is about to close; a serenade for those who are coming down; songs that are quietly sad but ultimately ruminative and comforting.

Influenced by the passing of friends and mentors, as well as the health scares of friends and family, Aging brings together songs written over a decade marked by the signifiers of midlife – love, loss, and illness – all while wrestling with the hard truths of aging: How do you deal with the blunt-force impact of loss? What does it mean to look and feel different than you did before?

Aging was the inevitable title of Drew’s meditative new record – because he was living everything that comes with it. Compared to his shambolic solo debut Spirit If (2007), with its 23-piece band and romantic musings, to the black-light synth-pop-tinged Darlings (2014) and its carnal obsessions, Aging’s collection of minimalist piano ballads is more contemplative than anything Drew has released before.

The themes that have preoccupied much of Drew’s two-decades-long career are still present – the power of love, resisting apathy, the pursuit of connection – but the subject matter once exclaimed with the youthful fervor of a wide-eyed idealist now carries the weight of someone trying to make sense of the world in the throes of grief.

In 2021, Drew found himself at The Tragically Hip’s Bathouse studio near Kingston, Ont. where he had been making records for the last decade. The initial goal was to make a children’s album, but as Drew and longtime collaborator Nyles Spencer started recording, they found themselves working towards an album about getting older, pulling from a collection of songs that fit together sonically and thematically. “Pain is a hard thing to let go until you’re ready,” Drew explains. “And that’s kind of where I was at with this record. Music, for me, is a release – it’s a place where I can go and express what it is that I want to say.”

Kevin Drew
Track List

01 Elevator
02 Out In The Fields
03 Party Oven
04 All Your Fails
05 Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
06 Awful Lightning
07 Fixing The Again
08 You’re Gonna Get Better

Broken Social Scene 2023 Tour Dates

Fri-Sep-22 New Orleans, LA @ Civic Theatre
Sat-Sep-23 Atlanta, GA @ The Eastern
Sun-Sep-24 Asheville, NC @ Orange Peel
Tue-Sep-26 Harrisburg, PA @ Harrisburg University at XL Live!
Wed-Sep-27 Boston, MA @ Royale
Thu-Sep-28 Boston, MA @ Royale
Fri-Sep-29 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
Sat-Sep-30 Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
Mon-Oct-2 Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theatre
Tue-Oct-3 Indianapolis, IN @ HI-FI Annex
Wed-Oct-4 Louisville, KY @ Headliners
Thu-Oct-5 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
Fri-Oct-6 Nashville, TN @ Brooklyn Bowl
Fri-Dec-15 Toronto, ON @ The Concert Hall

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