K Michelle DuBois Debuts “All Night Glamour”

K Michelle DuBois has shared her new single "All Night Glamour."
K Michelle DuBois All Night Glamour

February 5th, sees the release of K Michelle DuBois’ fourth album, entitled The Fever Returns. Ahead of the release, the indie-pop singer/songwriter has shared the track “All Night Glamour.” This is one catchy power-pop track, that will definitely get your head bopping. Hints of St. Vincent and Liz Phair, which is definitely not a bad thing.

The album’s title, and its opening number came to DuBois in the Spring of 2019, while she was stuck in bed, fighting a months-long illness. “I was spending a lot of time at home, much like right now,” DuBois says. “I had a horrific fever that was coming and going, and then I started thinking about it in different terms, like a fever for life, or whatever your passion may be, and ideas started coming together.”

After moving to Atlanta years later, DuBois formed the group Ultrababyfat with her longtime friend and collaborator Shonali Bhowmik. With the release of their album Silver Tones Smile in 1998, the band’s sweet and infectious pop-punk hooks landed the group on stages with groups such as Pavement and PJ Harvey, and comedian David Cross. In 2001, Ultrababyfat became one of the few female-fronted bands to grace the Warped Tour stage.

Bhowmik moved to New York shortly after and though tempted to follow, DuBois stayed in Atlanta and formed Luigi with whom she explored a more experimental side of indie pop, culminating with 2008’s CD, Found On The Forest Floor.

It was during her time with Luigi that she began working with producer, engineer, and lifelong friend Dan Dixon. In conversation, DuBois describes Dixon as a “sound artist,” who now runs his own studio, dubbed RCDC Studio. Over the years he’s become DuBois’ go-to producer, engineer, and sounding board.

Over the years, Dixon has worked with various artists, ranging from the Doobie Brothers with Zac Brown, to garage rock and punk outfits Biters, Curtis Harding, and his own recent collaboration with the Coathangers drummer Stephanie Luke, dubbed Nrcssst.

In 2012, DuBois emerged once again, this time as a solo artist, releasing her debut full-length, Lux Capone. She switched gears to work with producer Ben Price at Studilaroche, who helped her reconnect with her roots as a songwriter. Soon, though, she rejoined Dixon to create the indie pop hooks heard throughout her 2016 album Astral Heart. DuBois and Dixon continued working together for 2018’s Harness, and again for The Fever Returns.

“Dan is like a brother to me, and knows me so well,” DuBois says. “Each time we record together it gets better. I watch a lot of T.V., and a lot of my inspiration comes from things that I might be binge-watching at the time,” she says. “Some of the shows that I really got into—I loved Westworld, which had a melancholy vibe to it—stepped me into the material for these albums. I felt a similar vibe, and it took off like a train. Everything I wrote in that vein inspired me for the next song. One song would inspire something after that, and then another and another.”


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