Jonathan Toubin Announces Compilations

Jonathan Toubin Announces Compilations, on Norton Records

Jonathan Toubin concludes a year that took him everywhere, from Australia to Brazil, with the release of his first ever vinyl LP compilations. Out December 5th on Norton Records, Souvenirs Of The Soul Clap Vol. 1 & 2 are both packed with the kind of unsung yet supreme 1960s soul fire that made the New York Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off the world’s most popular soul 45 party.

Despite offers over the years, a few live demo sets on SoundCloud, and informal limited edition live cassettes on Burger Records, Toubin has been reluctant to release compilations because he’s concerned that the power of the music is lost without the sound of original records and live volume, juxtaposition of tracks, and dark dance floor context. However, the DJ has come to recognize that dancers can’t learn the artists, titles, and labels or develop a relationship with the material when over 100 tracks fly by in a night. Furthermore, since he’s increasingly spread thin by broadening touring markets and can’t hit towns with his former frequency, he wants to leave an impression by giving dancers and DJs access to the music for their own parties.

So when his favorite label, Norton Records, suggested he be the first-ever contemporary DJ with his own Norton compilation, he agreed to make compromises under the condition that the tracks sound comparable to the originals. Collaborating with Chicago Mastering’s Jason Ward to transcend the sterility of typical reissue compilations and shoot for a sound as fat, unique, and lively as the originals, Toubin used his own tour records as masters – complete with scratches, scuffs, and other character that bare each records’ individual history. All from small bands on local labels (the indie rock of its time!), from the era where rhythm and blues was becoming soul music, these are twenty-nine upbeat party songs with wild bluesy guitar, heavy rhythms, loud drums, dramatic dynamics, economic structure, and emotive, often screaming vocals! This compilation should be played loud – preferably at your own dance parties!

The official record release party for Souvenirs Of The Soul Clap Vol. 1 & 2 is the December 20th NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off at Brooklyn Bowl featuring guest DJ Charles Bradley! Toubin will then conclude the year with his annual NY Night Train New Years Ball on December 31st at Home Sweet Home with live performances from Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Andy Animal All Male Review and PMS and the Mood Swings, plus DJ sets from Toubin, Josh Styles, Baby Alcatraz, and a few wild surprises! A select list of tour dates is below. To keep up with all New York Night Train events, sign up for the mailing list here.

Sat. Dec. 13 – Kingston, NY @ BSP (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sat. Dec. 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl (Soul Clap & Dance-Off w/ Charles Bradley)
Sat. Dec. 27 – Toronto, ON @ The Garrison (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Wed. Dec. 31 – Home Sweet Home (New Years Ball w/ Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Andy Animal All Male Review, PMS and the Mood Swings, DJ Josh Styles)
Fri. Jan. 2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right (w/ Detroit Cobras)
Sat. Jan. 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sat. Feb. 7 – Calgary, AB @ Palomino Social Club (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sun. Feb. 22 – Mexico City, MX @ Parque Natural Las Estacas (Bahidora Festival)
Sat. Feb. 28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sat. March 7 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sat. March 28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)
Sat. April 4 – Gambier, OH @ Kenyon College (Soul Clap & Dance-Off)

* Jonathan Toubin also continues to spin every Friday he can at his longstanding Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down early rock and roll 45 party at Home Sweet Home


1. Chessmen – The Bird Train
2. Louis (Blue Boy) Jones – Come On Home
3. Ruby Johnson – What Goes Up Must Come Down
4. What’s Happening – Hot Buttered Buns
5. Gene Burks – Monkey Man
6. Lord Luther and the Counts – Tough
7. Al Garris – That’s All

1. Ronnie Love – Detroit Michigan
2. The Autographs – Do The Duck
3. The Majestics – Treat Me Like You Want To Be Treated
4. The Marlynns – The Break
5. Eddie Bridges and His Lowriders – Peek A Boo
6. King Coleman – Down In The Basement
7. Little Bob – I Got Loaded


1. Vernon Green and the Medallions – Shimmy Shimmy Shake
2. The Constellations – The Frog
3. Lorenzo Holden – The Wig
4. Joyce Harris – Don’t Knock It
5. Dino And the Dell Tones – Sticks And Stones
6. Finney-Mo – Shake That Thing
7. Dorothy Berry – Shindig City
8. Freddy Butler – Pitter Patter

1. Ricky Allen – The Big Fight
2. Jimmy McCracklin – Get Back
3. Ruby Lee – I’m Gonna Put A Watch On You
4. The Shells – Whiplash
5. Cornell Blakely – Don’t Do It
6. The Preludes – That Would Be So Good
7. Willie West – Willie Knows How

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