Jenna Putnam Debuts “Make War”

Jenna Putnam has released her debut single “Make War"
"Make War" by Jenna Putnam

Today, sees the release of Jenna Putnam’s debut single/video “Make War,” now available to stream via Rebel Union Recordings. Well known as a photographer and poet, the song marks Putnam’s first official release as a musician. Make War”” the first of several songs recorded in Los Angeles at Ultrasound Studios with Calvin Love and members of Los Angeles rock band Warbly Jets.

Jenna Putnam on “Make War:”

“The song is a response to the state of the world, the anxieties it induces, and the need for escape,” explains Putnam. “I’ve been writing songs/lyrics/poems my whole life and for the past couple years I’ve felt this demanding need to get something out of me. And photography and writing alone didn’t feel like enough of an outlet. I think music is the most powerful form of expression and there’s something about being able to feel something and put it into melody, to just fucking sing, that’s so invigorating.”

The video for “Make War” inspired by David Lynch and surrealism, was also directed by Putnam and shot by Cameron Holland. Moody, sensual, and visually driven, it reflects the tone of the song through an intriguing cast of characters. “I wanted it to feel like this weird dream world,” explains Putnam. “The rock ‘n’ roll cowboy, the angel poet, the cult director. Like a creepy talent show of misfits.””