Warbly Jets Debut Making of Monsterhouse

Warbly Jets release their LP Monsterhouse, on 10/12 via Rebel Union Recordings. Today, they have shared a documentary Making of Monsterhouse
Warbly Jets release release documentary on the making of Monsterhouse

Warbly Jets release their new full-length Monsterhouse, on November 12, via Rebel Union Recordings. Ahead of the release they have shared a short documentary entitled Making of Monsterhouse, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at their process while creating their forthcoming album.

Formatted as a sort of clip collage and overdubbed with snippets of interviews with Warbly Jets’ Julien O’neill and Samuel Shea, the documentary crunches hours and hours in the studio down to a mere 15 minutes. Among the clips featured, viewers can see the band and their collaborators workshopping tracks on the album, including songs such as “Victimizer,” “Monsterhouse,” and “No Brainer,” each premiered here, a week out from their official release with the album.

From Warbly Jets:

“We love being in the studio writing and recording,” said Samuel Shea. “We enjoy the process that goes into making a record as much as the final product itself. We wanted to share that side of what we do with our fans and listeners. I’ve always enjoyed getting any insight into the process of how a record I love was made. The idea was to be able to offer our fans that same exciting feeling of giving a behind the scenes look into how we do what we do. I hope that it’s a special experience for our supporters.”

In essence, Making of Monsterhouse accomplishes exactly what the band set out to do: it gives their fans a deeper look into their secret world, and creates an air of increased anticipation in the week leading up to their long-awaited album release.

Warbly Jets
Rebel Union

1. Monsterhouse
2. Bad News
4. TMI
5. Let Go : Be Free
6. Bloodlust
7. Low Resolution
8. I Want It All
9. Victimizer
10. Young Future Of Amer!ka
11. No Brainer
12. 2020
13. Time On Our Side


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