“Jackal’s Maw” Campfires

Singer/songwriter Campfires recently shared “Jackal’s Maw” from forthcoming release Fare Trax, available August 30th via Fire Talk. The full-length was recorded in a rented house on the Oregon coast in 2018, “Fare Trax” is a collection of songs distilled from several years of playing and recording throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Campfires’ Jeff Walls on Fare Trax:

“This album, just like every other Campfires album, isn’t perfect. Campfires is a protest and a refuge against all the crushing commodified perfection that we all have to deal with every day. It’s a place to celebrate the fact that something doesn’t have to be perfect to be great. Influenced by some of the poppier Velvets stuff “Jackal’s Maw” is specifically about us killing the planet, and how modern man is sickeningly disconnected from ancient truths of nature.”

Fare Trax
Track List
Fire Records

1. Meanwhile
2. Down Down Down
3. I’ll Go Home
4. Grand Central Song
5. Candle Park
6. Errant Blues
7. Fog Bank – Debtor’s Prism
8. Knife
9. Jackal’s Maw
10. Inside – Slow Losses
11. Earth TV
12. Permanent Peace
13. Lucy’s Song

After releasing his debut on Mexican Summer in 2010, Walls went on to record several albums and EPs of his trademark ramshackle pop output including splits with Cloud Nothings and Benoit Pioulard, influenced in equal measure by 60s garage and 80s and 90s DIY. Campfires songs weave in and out of each other, condensing into songcraft at one moment and collapsing into sonic experimentation at the next.


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