J.Views debuts video for “A Note”

J.Views debuts video for "A Note". The track comes off his forthcoming release '401 Days,'

Jonathan Dagan aka J.Views about the video:

“This video is a result of one of my favorite moments of the making of 401 Days. I documented the entire process of making this album step by step, and on one of my journeys I ended up in a cabin in woodstock with no electricity, no laptop, just a book that I had in my suitcase. I took the camera out when I read the sentence ‘trusting what you don’t know and going for it’ – and I uploaded that to the website.

2 months later I received a thank-you note with a video. apparently this sentence and that moment I documented, help inspire Filip, the creator of this video, to go on a journey of his own, and this video is a documentation of that journey.

It was beautiful to see that by sharing the DNA of my creation, someone else can access that open-source code, of what would end up being my song, and create their own art from it. Truly honored to have this the official video of A Note”

Jonathan Dagan, known by his stage name, J.Views, is an artist who is pushing the boundaries in the creative world, constantly innovating the dialogue with his audience. The New York-based songwriter, producer, and visual artist creates multilayered songs that blend raw elements with electronic music through his use of analog tapes, recordings of nature, and often, sounds sent by his audience.

J.Views’ latest musical experiment is the renowned DNA Project, a website presenting the step-by-step making of his next album in real-time. With the DNA Project, J.Views invites his fans to follow his creative process in its entirety, providing access to the people, places, and sounds that inspire each song, as well as exclusive videos of his writing process, recording sessions, and innermost thoughts during his creation of new music.

The project’s website, designed by Hello Monday, has generated buzz in digital communities. In June 2015, the project won the prestigious Cannes Silver Lion Award and was nominated for the Webby Awards. The award-winning website allows for a near tangible visit into J.Views’s aesthetic and acoustic world.