“It Was The Longest Day Ever” Swim Good Now

"It Was The Longest Day Ever" Swim Good Now
Swim Good Now

Recently, swim good now is shared a new single from his forthcoming full length, Daylight. “It Was The Longest Day Ever” is out now via Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label, and features Half Waif and Georgian Bay. swim good now is at his most comfortable when he’s collaborating and helping vocalists and musicians hit their full potential. In the past he has worked and toured with members of Bon Iver, Stars, The Avalanches and Air France. With his forthcoming album he has finally found the crossroad of his interests and talents – employing a number of musicians on each track, not too different from how we’ve seen artists like Kanye West get the most out of artists and friends.

Hear “It Was The Longest Day Ever” above, and stay tuned for more news on swim good now’s forthcoming Secret Songs album Daylight.


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