“I Promise” by Claire George

Cascine artist, Claire George will release her debut album The Land Beyond The Light on May 21st, and today she has shared a visualizer for album track is “I Promise.” About the track, George said “‘I Promise’ is about staying devoted to the people you love even when they are struggling to be their best selves. It’s about the importance of holding space for people to exist in whatever shape they show up in, and a reminder to those who feel flawed or unworthy that they are singularly spectacular.”

While Claire George’s stunning self-produced and self-written debut EP Bodies of Water was notable for its wide-eyed celestial synth-pop, The Land Beyond the Light delves deeper into George’s swath of dance and pop influences. The album was initially inspired by a 2019 heartbreak, but the tone and tenor of the writing process changed when George suddenly lost her friend, an ex-boyfriend, to substance abuse. The loss of this significant person in her life left George to reckon with questions of addiction and grief, while exploring new sonic vocabularies in which to house them.

Claire George
The Land Beyond The Light

1. You Don’t Feel the Same
2. I Promise
3. Pink Elephants
4. Medellín
5. Northern Lights
6. Nosebleed Seats
7. Islands
8. Bag of Peaches
9. Particles in Motion

Pre-order The Land Beyond The Light, by Claire George out May 21st on Cascine, HERE.


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