“Harvest” By Poison Ruin

"Harvest" by Poison Ruin is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The title-track is off the band's forthcoming release, out April 14, 2023
Poison Ruin photo by Cecil Shang Whaley

Philadelphia’s Poison Ruin first emerged in April of 2020 with their eponymous EP, which was followed shortly by a second eponymous EP the following February, both self-released. While they share a certain affinity for rough-around-the-edges, lo-fidelity stones with their compatriots Devil Master and Sheer Mag, Poison Ruin wants things bleaker. The up-tempo guitar heroics of their first two EPs (which were collectively released as a S/T LP in February of 2021) have been dragged through the trenches, emerging as a heavy morass of breathless gloom. With Harvest, Poison Ruin have constructed a richly chilling fable out of modern living. Their tale is as lurid as it is seductive, as much a promising fantasy as it is a dreary portrait of reality itself.

“I’ve always found fantasy tropes to be incredibly evocative,” vocalist/guitarist Mac Kennedy notes, “that said, even though they are a set of symbols that seem to speak to most people of our generation, they are often either apolitical or co-opted for incredibly backwards politics.” With Harvest’s lyrics and imagery, Kennedy reworks fantasy imagery as a series of totems for the downtrodden, stripping it of its escapist tendencies and retooling it as a rich metaphor for the collective struggle over our shared reality: “Instead of knights in shining armor and dragons, it’s a peasant revolt,” he explains, “I’m all for protest songs, but with this band I’ve found that sometimes your message can reach a greater audience if you imbue it with a certain interactive, almost magical realist element.”

Poison Ruin’s Relapse debut, Harvest was mastered by Arthur Rizk. It sees its release on April 14 alongside the reissue of their eponymous 2021 LP which has established the band as one of punk and the underground’s newest beloved treasures. Poison Ruin will tour extensively this year. They’ve confirmed several U.S. dates including SXSW, NYC and a hometown PHL release show. In April they head overseas for a full EU / UK run including a performance at Roadburn.

Poison Ruin


Track Listing:

Relapse Records

01 – Pinnacle of Ecstasy

02 – Tome of Illusion

03 – Torture Chamber

04 – Härvest

05 – Frozen Blood

06 – Resurrection I

07 – Resurrection II

08 – Augur Die

09 – Blighted Quarter

10 – Bastard’s Dance

11 – Slowly Through the Dark


Poison Ruin Live Dates:


Mar 03 – 05: Austin, TX – This Is Austin Not That Great

Mar 06: San Antonio, TX – The Lonesome Rose

Mar 07: Houston, TX – White Swan

Mar 08: Dallas, TX – Double Wide

Mar 09: Tulsa, OK – Whittier Bar

Mar 10: Albuquerque, NM – Sister

Mar 11: Tempe, AZ – The Beast

Mar 14 – 18: Austin, TX – SXSW

Apr 13: Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s

Apr 15: Brooklyn, NY – Meadows


Apr 18: Antwerp, BE – Antwerp Music City

Apr 19: Tilburg, NL – Roadburn

Apr 20: Hamburg, DE – Komet

Apr 21: Leipzig, DE – ZxRx

Apr 22: Berlin, DE – Urban Spree

Apr 23: Prague, CZ – Underdogs Ballroom

Apr 25: Vienna, AT – Venster99

Apr 26: Linz, AT – Kapu

Apr 27: Zagreb, HR – Attack!

Apr 28: Bologna, IT – DEV

Apr 29: Parma, IT – Splinter Club

Apr 30: Innsbruk, AT – PMK

May 02: Geneve, CH – La Makhno

May 03: Marseille, FR – Molotov

May 04: Bilbao, ES – El Nido

May 05: Madrid, ES – Wurlitzer Ballroom

May 06: Barcelona, ES – Sala Vol

May 07: Toulouse, FR – Le Ravelin

May 09: Bristol, UK – Crown

May 10: Manchester, UK – The Gulliver

May 11: Glasgow, UK – The Old Hairdressers

May 12: Newcastle, UK – The Lubber Fiend

May 13: London, UK – New River Studios

May 14: Portsmouth, UK – The Loft

May 16: Paris, FR – Le Klub

May 17: Kortrijk, BE – The Pits

May 18: Nijmegen, NL – De Onderbroek

May 19: Nurnberg, DE – Projekt 31

May 20: Dresden, DE – Over The Edge

May 21: Weimar, DE – Gerber 3

Pre-order Harvest by Poison Ruin HERE


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