“Graceless” By Wares

"Graceless" By Wares is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is on their new double-single, which also includes "Cloudless"
Wares photo by Levi Manchuk

Wares is the Canadian indie power-pop band, based out of amiskwacîy, Treaty 6 territory. The band’s new single, Graceless/Cloudless, was recorded between festival dates in 2021-2022. The songs explore themes of connection, intimacy and social anxiety. The single is the follow-up to 2020’s Survival (Mint Records). Wares has supported Ezra Furman, Cloud Nothings, U.S. Girls, Dilly Dally, and many others on stages from Dawson City to Prince Edward Island.

“Graceless” Lyrics:

Morning slips
through the blinds
like a sliver through a cuticle.

We’ve done it now
for real this time
from what’s there to remember.

Was it our sour breath
or faded makeup mess,
turned her smile to a shudder?

Any goodwill left?
Invitations left unsent,
ever to recover?

Up too early again.
Another low born.
Out of body,

I watched us
stopped at the crosswalk
in the throes of guilty passion.

On the driver’s side,
were we rehearsing lines
or cursing the almighty?

Or were we ten years back
in the basement with the cast
running mouths beyond repair?

Cut to present time,
spaced out at the turning light-
now everybody’s with us there.

Another low born,
on an uninterrupted streak-

it’s the same nightmare every week
harsh eyes trained on me.
Somehow red handed,
clumsy and far from controlled now

laid low,
so low.

Candle by my bed to set a tender scene,
one flailing arm,
one finger slip
the flame careens.
As wax drips down and stains the sheets,

it’s the same lesson every week-
I’m my own worst enemy!
Left red handed,
watery eye’d unsatisfied now

laid low,
so low

Wares 2023 Tour Dates

Edmonton March 29 Buckingham
Saskatoon April 6 Amigos Cantina
Winnipeg April 7 The Handsome Daughter
Regina April 8 Artesian Theatre

Purchase “Graceless/Cloudless” by Wares HERE


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