“gin+juice” By Mysie

"gin+juice" By Mysie is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"gin+juice" By Mysie is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Mysie, has dropped her new EP joyride, last week via Fraser T. Smith’s 70Hz. Alongside the EP, she is also sharing the video for lead track “gin + juice”. The Joyride EP is a project about the turmoil of love, and how we change as people as it starts to fall apart. It follows on from ‘Undertones’, acting as a counterpoint to what last year’s EP stood for: a mature and smart look at love’s dissolution, written as it happened. Mysie continues to delve deep within herself, making intimate indie soul music that takes her listeners along with her on a journey through raw and sensitive emotional spaces.

Making ‘joyride’ involved something of a pilgrimage to get to the heart of it: Mysie travelled to Fraser’s countryside studio to work on these tracks, in turn a separation from the environment that inspired them. That physical and metaphorical distance helped everything, “even just my headspace,” she says. “Speaking with Fraser about what I was going through in a very safe space, which he always created. It was amazing for me.”

It came forth in a series of sessions across several months. They spent time digesting music that made Mysie feel something: songs by the likes of Steve Lacey, Sampha, Koffi Olimide, admiring “the constant discovery” that comes through in those artists’ music the more she engages with it. Kofi’s music harboured a nostalgic quality in particular, tied to her childhood; something that felt valuable in joyride’s reflective narrative. And so, she, Fraser and long-term collaborator Gold Spectacles set to work making music that combined the esoteric stylings of these artists with her pop-leaning talents too.

Following recent singles ‘joyride’, ‘birthstones’ & ‘fade’, the groove kicks in on lead single ‘gin + juice’ – a reflective track about Mysie looking back on her and her ex-partner’s first encounter; “that exciting feeling I got before we were together”. It’s about yearning for someone’s attention, yet knowing that you’re only willing to go so far for them and understanding “the repercussions of being with someone”. Check out the video released today here, which sees Mysie and her close friends level up the choreography in this stunning new clip.

“What I realise between every project is that I’m learning as I go,” Mysie says. “I forget that’s what life is about, and I’ve learned so much from Joyride. It served as therapy to me.”

Mysie 2022 Tour Dates

May 12 The Great Escape Festival Brighton
(8:30pm – Coalition)

May 13 The Great Escape Festival Brighton
(Harbour Hotel, stripped back set for PRS/PPL)

June 16 London Courtyard Theatre

Order tickets for Mysie HERE


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