Mysie “Patterns”

UK Singer/songwriter Mysie [My-Zee] current single “Patterns”, comes accompanied by a video directed by Louis Mackay.
“This song is about recognising the patterns within myself, and within my relationships” explains the breakthrough South London artist. “It’s about me acknowledging them and searching for freedom from them, making a conscious decision to break these habits and instead strive for growth and progress” Mysie is currently working with producer Fraser T Smith, due to come out in 2021.

Mysie, was blood: brought up as the granddaughter of a renowned Ugandan jazz musician, creativity has surrounded and become a part of her. Growing up as a second-generation immigrant in London, Mysie was immersed in the powerful history of her culture as the African scores pumped themselves into her work and her life alike, from the sounds of the Congolese singer, producer and composer Koffi Olomide to the inheritance of her grandfather’s dynamic cadence. “It’s a part of me naturally”, she describes, “that underlying African rhythm and that untouchable sensation”. Drawing inspiration from one track in particular when developing her own project – “On the Level” by Mac DeMarco – Mysie was moved by the experimental nature that even popular music can have, and sought to channel this integral creativity into her own work. Homing in on her own diverse influences, from the sounds of Thundercat to N.E.R.D.


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