Prep “Years Don’t Lie”

PREP, recently released their self-titled album via Bright Antenna Records. The combines their love of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Steve Lacey, and pepper it with a bit of Mac DeMarco. To celebrate the release, the band has shared a video for album track “Years Don’t Lie.”

“There’s always been a very specific world I imagine when I’m writing PREP songs – like a recurring dream of a lonely, disheveled, but not completely broken life somewhere in West Coast America,” PREP’s Tom Havelock says. “A lot of driving. Big landscapes. Difficult relationships with people who’ve moved on to better things. They’re my thoughts, but they’re flickering through the head of someone who isn’t quite me.”

“But I think making this album in such a concentrated burst, and at such a strange time, has made that separation seem less relevant,” Havelock continues. “When normal life suddenly feels like you’re walking through a disaster movie, what’s so unreal about imagining yourself sitting in an apartment in Pismo Beach, talking to a friend about their divorce? Whatever the setting, these are songs about reaching out for contact you can’t quite get, about missing people you maybe didn’t know that well to begin with. And while those are feelings I think a lot of us are struggling with at the moment, I’ve been especially grateful to have the dreamy pastel shades of PREP to filter them through.”

The ten-track collection stays true to PREP’s mission of collaborative sound. PREP features Rhodes piano support from Australian singer-songwriter Sun Rai on “Danny Came Up,” a Macedonian 16-string orchestra on “Carrie,” UK-based saxophonist Mike Lesirge of the Killer Horns Trio on “Years Don’t Lie,” and vocal support from South Korean rapper and singer MISO on “The Stream.”

Bright Antenna Records

1.Turn the Music Up
2.Wouldn’t Wanna Know
3.Years Don’t Lie
5.On and On
6.Pictures of You
7.Don’t Wait For Me
8.The Stream
10.Danny Came Up

PREP came together to cut deep grooves that mine contemporary R&B and electronica while taking inspiration from the soft, sheer sound of the late ’70s and early ‘80s. This love of modern production and classic songwriting united vocalist-lyricist Tom Havelock, keyboardist Llywelyn Ap Myrddin, drummer Guillaume Jambel, and producer Dan Radclyffe.


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