“Highest Hill” French For Rabbits

“Highest Hill” is the new single by duo French For Rabbits, as well as Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day,'
French For Rabbits photo by Ebony Lamb

Muscle Beach Records have revealed the release date of New Zealand band’s French For Rabbits’ The Weight of Melted Snow, the album will drop on January 19th. Ahead of the release they have shared the single “Highest Hill.” Expect more French For Rabbits live dates, to be announced soon.

Written as an exercise on transposing a fictional, yet very real, complex emotional desire to hold love while also desiring to hurt the person and how those past traumas play themselves out in new situations,“Highest Hill” follows this experience through it’s winding, uncomfortable path. French For Rabbits’ lead singer Brooke Singer explains that “writing music is a bit of a mystery process…the words seem to proceed without any logical thought process, so once I write something I often have to go back and re-listen to understand what I’ve just written about! The verses of Highest Hill kind of play out like a movie scene – they’re quite visual. The song formed around a fascination with the way people can hold conflicting emotions at the same time, and how messy that can be. I was exploring this character who wanted to make the person they love, hurt. It’s kind of about blame – whether that blame is misguided or not.”

Now Wellington based, band started out as duo in the small coastal township of Waikuku Beach and have since. Having toured with Agnes Obel in Europe and Lorde in their native New Zealand, 2019 will see the band hitting the U.S. for the first time with a tour around their official SXSW showcases (Dates TBA).

French For rabbits
The Weight Of Melted Snow
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