“Freedom” by Gabriel Bruce

"Freedom" by Gabriel Bruce is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

After an extended hiatus following the breakthrough success of his debut release Love In Arms, baritone vocalist Gabriel Bruce is back with his second album, Come All Sufferers. Check out the latest single off the album, “Freedom.”

The album, which has been 3 years in the making (following a particularly traumatic breakup and painful injury, in which his hand was crushed by, of all things, a heavy fossil), owes as much to early 90’s era indie pop, with its hook-filled anthemic choruses and razor sharp guitar crashes, as it does to the late 70’s Goth-disco sound which inspired much of Love in Arms.

While his deep, brooding vocals, along with comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash remain, inventive drumming, thumping bass and glossy synths now provide the basis for Bruce’s intriguing lyrics. Whereas Love In Arms dealt inwardly with turmoil, Come All Sufferers looks defiantly outward. Opening track “Freedom” sets the tone and quickly develops into raucous swamp rock as Bruce croons, “I’m going somewhere, guess I’m only halfway there”. The take no prisoners 80’s house-inspired So Many Of You begins with a stripped back drumbeat before descending into the kind of pulsating house you would expect to find blaring out across a dance floor at 4am, and the melancholy of lead single Metal Soul acts in complete juxtaposition of the head on anthemic choral mantra of Gifts from God, where Bruce sings “Remember when we unwrapped each other like gifts from God”.


1) Freedom

2) Sacred Heart

3) So Many Of You

4) Come All Sufferers

5) Metal Soul

6) This Human Mess

7) Gates Of Babylon

8) Gifts From God

9) Jesus Drag Queen

10) Kurt and Kanye

11) Hold Me Close, Holy Ghost

Gabriel Bruce will play the following live dates, with more to follow:

21st April – Brixton Windmill, London
2nd July – BST Hyde Park (Florence + the Machine support), London


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