“Forever” By Ellis

Singer/songwriter Ellis returns with “forever,” her first new music since 2021. Ellis is the project of multi-artist Linnea Siggelkow, in 2018 she released her debut EP The Fuzz, which earned comparisons to Mazzy Star and Slowdive. Her first LP Born Again, dropped in the spring of 2020. Over the past few years Ellis has been relatively quiet, releasing her nothing is sacred anymore EP in 2021 and appearing in the credits for other musicians, writing songs with Chastity and playing guitar on the celebrated LP Preacher’s Daughter from Ethel Cain (who has notably covered the Ellis song “embarrassing”).

In the wake of the release of her debut Siggelkow hit a creative and personal crisis, but working with others helped her get out of her creative rut and find a new approach to songwriting. “I was pushing myself to write in ways that I hadn’t before,” she says. “I was trying to think of songwriting more as a craft that I could practice, which made it less intimidating and allowed me to push myself out of my usual comfort zone.”

Ellis on “Forever:”

Ultimately “forever” is about how time is short and long and fast and slow, depending on where you’re standing and who you’re standing beside. Lately it also feels like it’s all of those things all at once. It seems that when i’m not looking ahead with excitement, i’m sort of looking back with regret, and regret is such a sucky, all-consuming feeling.

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