Interview With Mark From ‘Forest Fire’

Mark Thresher from 'Forest Fire' does an interview with Northern Transmissions. "Screens" from 'Forest Fire' is now out on Fat cat Records.

Mark Thresher from ‘Forest Fire’ caught up for a quick chat with our very own Matt Dwyer. The band’s latest album Screens is now out on Fat Cat Records

MD: After some of personnel changes within Forest Fire how does this grouping of musicians feel differently than the others?

MT: This is the first time I have ever had a solid band I can count on. As a four piece we are half classically trained musicians & half self taught amateurs. Having these players has changed the way I view the writing process. Right now I feel like the possibilities are endless.

MD: How are you feeling about receiving so many positive reviews for Screens?

MT: We felt like we made something true & special the moment we finished it. I am very happy that a few people agree. We’ve always made music for ourselves first and foremost & we’ve never been a group for the masses. It is my hope that as time goes on people will continue to discover Screens & wonder when it was made & why it was made.

MD: Do you have a ritual when it comes to songwriting?

MT: No rituals. I have no idea why I write songs, or where they come from. Songs usually just sort of come to me in little bits here and there. I am always hunting and gathering little song ideas. My goal lyrically has always been to strike a balance between impressionistic//plain & direct songwriting styles.

MD: Have you begun thinking of what your next album may be sound like and if so what direction are you thinking about going in?

MT: I feel like we’ve finally, after 3 records, developed a sound that we can really stand behind. If I have things my way, future records will become simultaneously more focused & more exotic.

MD: As an artist, what’s your opinion on streaming sites like Spotify and Rdio?

MT: I do not use them. They make it hard for bands like mine to make any money at all. Beyond all that, I think the entire experience is dull & in poor taste. My music isn’t meant to be heard that way.

MD: What music inspired you most during the recording of Screens?

MT: I remember listening to & referencing The Cure Disintegration, Elvis Costello Imperial Bedroom, Joy Division Closer, & Kraftwerk Radio Activity.

MD: What five albums are inspiring you theses days?

MT: Lately I’ve been stuck on John Lennon “Walls and Bridges” Rolling Stones “Between the Buttons”, Laurie Anderson “Big Science” Nico “Desertshore” & Lou Reed “New York”

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