Feral Ohms stream ‘Live in San Francisco’

Feral Ohms stream new self-titled album.

Call em what you want: Scuzz, Punk, or psych rockers? Feral Ohms, are streaming their forthcoming release Live in San Francisco. The full-length comes out November 4th on Castle Face Records. The band features a great cast, including Ethan Miller, Chris Johnson, and Josh Haynes.

The full-length is the band’s debut record. featuring Ethan Miller of recent psych-folk breakouts Heron Oblivion, Howlin Rain, and Comets On Fire giving free rein to his most pyro-psycho-technic guitar fancies, not to mention a full-throated demon-worthy wail as well. Chris Johnson (previously of Drunk Horse and currently of Andy Human and the Reptoids) is full on MC5 style freight train pummel, with rides so heavy in the mix it sounds like early Damned. Josh Haynes (of the unGoogle-able Nudity).

“Teenage God Born To Die” indeed. We expect great things from them and this concise set is just long enough to get your dander up for a proper full length, set for release on Ethan’s Silver Current label in 2017. In the meantime, keep an eye out for their live shows. Feral Ohms’ Live In San Francisco comes out November 4th via Castle Face.


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