“Faster Interactions” by Jaunt

Toronto band Jaunt’s forthcoming release Cue, is due out April 13th. The group recently released a new video for album track “Faster Interactions”, which was also the first song written for the EP. Cue looks inward, drawing influences from Stereolab, Nat King Cole, Joni Mitchell, Kashif, and others.

The band talks about the video for “Faster Interactions”:

“This is probably our zaniest track to date!” says the band in a statement. “We’re also really trying to bring back the sound of cheap keyboard orchestra hits in pop music again ;). The video is a bit goofy. It’s a bit disturbing. The idea was born out of wanting to create something that complimented the unhinged nature of the song, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We had a lot of fun with the body-cam shots.