“Hello” by Jaunt

Yesterday, Toronto’s Jaunt premiered a new video for the track “Hello” from their forthcoming EP Chat which is set for release on July 22.

Jaunt began as a duo in Hamilton, Canada in the winter of 2014. Born of their shared love of pop music and an improvised bedroom recording setup, the project quickly became a joint obsession. The two of original members eventually convened in Toronto where they were mutually inspired; leading them to shape and realize the music. Two years later, this partnership has grown into Jaunt. Now a fully formed band of five, they create the type of introspective music that is easy to get lost in.

Director Max Parr on the making of ‘Hello’:
“With “Hello” we wanted to look at the simple action of making a phone call by expanding on each stage of the process. Picking up the phone, dialing the number, waiting for the tone. Every step stained by the thought of how you’re going to be received on the other end, or if you’re going to be received at all.”


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